17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 inch, forged alloy wheels car rims

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Aluminum alloy forged wheels, using aviation aluminum-magnesium material T6061, the product adopts direct forging, integral superplastic one-time rapid prototyping process, quenching and tempering after T6 heat treatment process, which can effectively improve mechanical properties, enhance corrosion resistance, high toughness, after processing It is not easy to deform, and the material is dense.

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Adopt fully automatic Computer Numerical Control(CNC),makes the forged wheels have high strength, high dimensional accuracy, higher safety, and good driving performance of the whole vehicle. Various styles are more suitable for modern vehicle styling requirements. With strong plasticity, light weight, good heat dissipation, and fuel saving, it is the first choice for green and safe travel.

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Rigorous and precise inspection process to ensure product quality. Flaw inspection, metallographic microscopic inspection, spectral analysis inspection, material tensile test inspection are carried out from the raw materials into the factory; to ensure that qualified raw materials enter the production process, aluminum rod heating temperature control and sampling, forging mold temperature control, forging machine pressure control and sampling; blanks Heat treatment solution temperature, aging temperature control and sampling; full-size and positional sampling of the processing link; color flaw detection after processing; full inspection of the appearance of the finished product packaging link.

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The automatic coating production line not only improves the operational reliability and durability of the wheel, but also improves its appearance and decoration. All production processes have been scientifically planned and practiced, every link is under strict monitoring and management, and every product has undergone strict quality inspection, so as to ensure that every wheel becomes a nearly perfect work, providing the best quality for customer experience service.

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