light weight and sporty style forged alloy wheels car rims

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There are many kinds of hubs according to their diameters, and there are also many kinds according to their widths. Then, different diameters, different widths, and different materials can be divided into many models. Some car owners think that the original tires are not advanced enough and want to upgrade, often by widening, reducing the aspect ratio, increasing the diameter, and changing the material. At this time, if the wheel must be changed, it is called a modified wheel.

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According to the surface treatment process of the wheel hub, different methods will be adopted, which can be roughly divided into two types: baking paint and electroplating.
1. The painted wheels are moderately priced and durable.
The appearance of the wheels of ordinary models is less considered, and good heat dissipation is a basic requirement. The process is basically painted with paint, that is, spraying and then electric baking. The cost is more economical, the color is beautiful, and the retention time is long, even if the vehicle is scrapped. , The color of the wheel remains unchanged.
The surface treatment process of many Volkswagen model wheels is painted, and some fashionable and dynamic color wheels are also painted. This type of wheel hub is moderately priced and has complete specifications.


2. The price difference of electroplated wheels is large.
Electroplated wheels are divided into silver electroplating, water electroplating and pure electroplating. Although the color of electroplated silver and water electroplated wheels is bright and vivid, but the retention time is short, so the price is relatively cheap, and it is liked by many young people who are in pursuit of freshness.
The pure electroplated wheels have a long color retention time, which can be said to be of high quality and high price. Some mid-to-high-end cars will be equipped with pure electroplated wheels as standard.

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