Forging Wheels Customized Rims and Wheels New Passenger Car Wheels

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Wheel Diameter: 16–22″

PCD: 66.6mm, 67.1mm, 71.6mm, 72.6mm, 74.1mm, 84.1mm, 110, 112mmm, 114.3mm, etc

Colour: Red Bronze, Black, Grey, yellow, Bright black, Bright, grey, Matte black, matte grey, etc (Fully Customizable with paint able inserts which can be colour coded or finished in a colour scheme of your desire..)

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Customized aluminum alloy forged wheels, using aviation aluminum-magnesium material T6061, the product adopts direct forging, integral superplastic one-time rapid prototyping process, quenching and tempering after T6 heat treatment process, which can effectively improve mechanical properties, enhance corrosion resistance, high toughness, after processing It is not easy to deform, and the material is dense.


Good safety. For high-speed cars, it is not uncommon for tires to puncture at high temperatures and reduce braking efficiency due to tire friction and braking. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel, iron, etc. In addition, due to the structural characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels, it is easy to dissipate the heat generated by tires and vehicle chassis into the air. Even in the case of long-distance high-speed driving or continuous braking on downhill roads, the car can maintain a proper temperature. Not only can the tires and brake drums be less prone to aging due to frequent high temperatures, but also can reduce the rate of puncture.


Save fuel. After the forged aluminum ring is installed, the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced, the rotational inertia of the wheels is reduced, the acceleration performance of the car is improved, and the demand for braking energy is correspondingly reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption, plus the unique air of the forged aluminum ring Flow and rolling resistance, so the saving rate of 100 kilometers test is at least 2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers after replacing the forged aluminum ring and using the air conditioner is compared with the fuel consumption test of the forged aluminum ring without the air conditioner, the former is better than the latter The fuel consumption is lower by 2.5 liters).


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