Advantages and structure of forged hub

1. Forged wheels are made from solid aluminium alloy  that are heated to allow pressurized machines to shape the rims. By this process can remove internal pores and cracks to the greatest extent. And it is often used in the form of multiple forging, which can ensure the removal of various material defects, increase the internal stress of the material, and the toughness will be better, which can greatly improve the impact resistance and tear resistance at high speeds.

2. Forged wheels have high strength, higher safety, strong plasticity, lighter weight, good heat dissipation capacity, and fuel saving. At the same time, forged hub wheels are also the most advanced method of manufacturing wheels. The strength of this kind of wheels is about 1 to 2 times greater than that of cast wheels, and 4 to 5 times that of ordinary iron wheels, so it is more robust, crashworthy, toughness and fatigue resistance. They are also significantly stronger than cast wheels, and they are not easy to crush and break.

3. Compared with casting wheels, forged alloy wheels of the same size can be about 20% lighter in weight, and 1KG lighter on wheels can increase 10 horsepower. In addition, the light weight has also significantly improved the response speed of the suspension, the suspension system has a faster response speed, and it is naturally easier to deal with potholes on the road, and the sense of bumps is greatly reduced.

4. According to the structure of the wheel hub, it can be divided into: one-piece type, multi-piece type (two-piece type and three-piece type).

The single-piece type refers to the wheel hub as a whole, while the two-piece type is divided into two parts, the rim and the spokes, and then combined and reinforced with high-strength bolts. The three-piece type is based on the two-piece type.

Two-piece forged wheel hub: 2 components, composed of two parts, the rim and the spoke.

Three-piece forged wheel hub: 3 components, the rim part of the three-piece wheel hub is composed of two parts: the front piece and the back piece. So the three-piece wheel hub is composed of three parts: the front piece, the back piece and the spokes.

Post time: 20-10-21