Foshan GT SHOW-International Modification Fashion show, TX forging Tech is waiting for you!

TX new product launch/Praise recommendation/Live vehicle installation/Exciting news sharing, welcome to (TX forged wheels) attention~

After the Suzhou Modification Exhibition in May 2021, GT SHOW was launched again in Foshan in October, and TX Forging Tech as an old exhibitor is of course indispensable. Friends who are keen to modify, TX Forging is waiting for you at 1-13!

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The quality and appearance of the TX forged wheels are well matched. At present, our company is the only domestic company that adopts the direct forging process to achieve the effect of the wheel blanks at one time. The straight-forged aluminum alloy wheels have the characteristics of tighter structure, higher strength, lighter weight, and more diverse designs.

TX Forging Tech has 12,000-ton forging production line imported from Italy, Taiwan heat treatment production line, international high-end machining production line, ultrasonic automatic cleaning, flaw detection line, Japan’s Mitutoyo three-coordinate testing equipment, wheel radial load fatigue testing machine and other advanced production equipment , Assisting the company’s production of forged wheels for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

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TX Forging Tech mainly produces orginal and custom aluminum alloy forged wheels for passenger cars and commercial vehicle models.

In term of the wheel structure, there are mainly one piece aluminum alloy forged wheel, two piece aluminum alloy forged wheel and three piece aluminum alloy forged wheel.

In terms of appearance: wide spokes, narrow spokes, multiple spokes, few spokes and other design styles.

In the style: coating, matte,semi-matte, gloss,semi-gloss,clear paint, polished clear paint, electroplating color, etc.

In terms of color: sports silver, fine silver, bright smoky gray, black, orange, red, blue, white ,pink and colour register, etc.

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OK.That’s all the sharing of Foshan GT SHOW in October 2021. Looking forward to seeing you next time!

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Post time: 20-10-21