High quality Mercedes forged alloy wheels custom rims wheels

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Brakes, wheels, and shock absorbers are three-piece refitting, which are big pieces that most car enthusiasts will upgrade. And because the wheel occupies a large part of the surface of the body, it is one of the best ways to change the temperament of the vehicle and enhance the appearance of the vehicle. Therefore, the wheel upgrade has always been the most popular modification method currently.

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The manufacturing process of forged wheels is to forge the "solid alloy" into the shape of the wheel by high pressure (tens of thousands of tons of pressure). Due to multiple high-pressure collisions, the molecules between the alloys are smaller, the gaps are finer, and the density is higher. The wheel hub can achieve sufficient rigidity with less raw materials, and the overall weight will be lighter. In simple terms, forging is a form of process from "solid" to "solid".


Aluminum alloy wheels have higher impact resistance, tensile strength and thermal strength than steel wheels. This is also one of the reasons why aluminum alloy plays an important role in the defense industry and aviation industry. The roundness accuracy of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is as high as 0.05mm, and the running balance is good, which is beneficial to eliminate the phenomenon of steering wheel jitter. Due to production constraints, ordinary steel wheels are monotonous and rigid, lacking changes; aluminum alloy wheels have a variety of designs, coupled with good gloss and color effects, thereby enhancing the value and beauty of the car.


At present, forging is the method that can achieve the highest rigidity/weight ratio among all wheel manufacturing processes. Many performance control players are very keen on forging wheels. Compared with casting, forged wheels have higher strength, better safety, greater plasticity, and lighter weight. The lighter weight brings improved power and sensitivity.


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