Porsche forged alloy wheels the design of the sporty Y/U spokes

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There are many kinds of hubs according to their diameters, and there are also many kinds according to their widths. Then, different diameters, different widths, and different materials can be divided into many models. Some car owners think that the original tires are not advanced enough and want to upgrade, often by widening, reducing the aspect ratio, increasing the diameter, and changing the material. At this time, if the wheel must be changed, it is called a modified wheel.

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The process of forging aluminum wheels is to use high pressure (mostly 10,000 tons of pressure) to press a piece of alloy that has been heated to nearly 500 degrees into a rough embryo (prototype) of the wheel, undergo a powerful cold spinning process, and then enter T6 Heat treatment, then secondary processing with CNC detail engraving.

Forged wheels are wheels manufactured by forging. The wheels manufactured in this way can remove internal pores and cracks to the greatest extent. And it is often used in the form of multiple forgings, which can ensure the removal of various material defects, increase the internal stress of the material, and the toughness will be better, which can greatly improve the impact resistance and tear resistance at high speeds.

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Forged wheels will give you a visual impact, and safety and performance can be completely combined.
The automatic coating production line not only improves the operational reliability and durability of the wheel, but also improves its appearance and decoration. All production processes have been scientifically planned and practiced, every link is under strict monitoring and management, and every product has undergone strict quality inspection, so as to ensure that every wheel becomes a nearly perfect work, providing the best quality for customer experience service.

Improve driving comfort. Due to the characteristics of the forged wheels, the driving direction is lighter after installation, and the high-speed driving is particularly stable, thereby improving the driving pleasure.

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